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Southern Arizona Photog seeks collaborators
Southern Arizona Photog seeks collaborators

Southern Arizona Photog seeks collaborators

February 20, 2012
March 31, 2012
United States

Seeking SOUTHERN ARIZONA MODELS, primarily female, interested in developing a body of work rather than seeing how many photographers they can work with.

I'm a published artist/photographer in pursuit of images that are unique, that tell stories, stimulate thought and emotion. I'm looking to add elements of color, controversy, drama, and art to my portfolio. My interest is to make artistic statements with political and social implications and undertones. I try to capture real, live human beings in my work rather than posed mannequins.

I'm interested in working with collaborators who want to build a body of work because rapport, communication and experimentation make better pictures. I'm less interested in single, hit and run shoots where the emphasis is on production, pressuring us to do things we already know work.

I don't want to see how many models I can work with. I want to see how many good pictures we can make together.

I my styles working with models range from Maxim to Playboy to Penthouse to Hustler. However, the level of nudity is always your call.

(Note to professional models: I respect that you're working at making a living and that your time is valuable. I'm pleased to pay your rates if I'm making money on what we shoot. However, for the most part, I don't need pay for the practice.)

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