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'Who Am I?' An exhibition to be held in the north west of England late 2012.

Hot 'Who Am I?' An exhibition to be held in the north west of England late 2012.

March 01, 2012
March 31, 2012
United Kingdom

Models wanted for an exhibition to be held late 2012/early 2013, entitled 'Who Am I?'

Participants to receive a copy of the prints used in the exhibition.

Headshots and portraits only. Please bring a single item that 'defines' who you are. This can be anything! At all!

'Who Am I?' An exhibition.

Inspired by the term; 'Art Is Subjective'. This exhibition is about how we see ourselves; With an additional item to labout the point.

For example, how often have we heard: 'I'm an actress, but I'm just working as a waitress between jobs...'? When the general concensus believes the opposite.

The aforementioned 'actress' is welcome to provide a prop, or a piece of costume, or an award, etc.
Conversely; the 'waitress' could bring along a namebadge, a piece of uniform, an item of cutlery etc...
OR, to confuse the masses, the 'actress' could provide something from the diner/cafe, or the 'waitress' may be accompanied by some acting paraphernalia...

The point is; if THAT is how you see yourself, then THAT is who you are!

Shoots to commence in March 2012 around Lees, Greater Manchester.

All participants are responsible for their own hair/wardrobe/make up requirements and NO monetary payments are offered nor expected.

Models of ALL ages required. NO nudity is involved. Escorts will be accepted. Travel plans to be arranged by models.

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