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Fashion Spread

May 01, 2011
May 31, 2011
San Jose

To view an updated casting call follow the link: READ THIS CAREFULLY FIRST: Description: Trying to do a Vogue style fashion spread. Consisting of about 5 outfits. Shoot should only take about 3~4hrs. The fashion spread will be themed towards showing off spring/summer outfits. Each outfit will be geared to showing off a typical day & personality. color should be used as well such as blue, green, yellow, orange to show off spring/summer.
spring brunch
dress, heels
spring day on the town shopping
capri pants, flats/low heel, sleeveless blouse, light jacket/, clutch
summer beach sunset
shorts, large sweater, flats/sandals
summer resort look
hat, dress, heel
summer evening out

Shoot Date: Planning to be end of May / mid June. call time around 1pm. on the weekend. location: ideally in the studio, unless i can find a matching location to the theme. therefore, we’ll be basically looking for people in the CA bay area or planning to be in the bay area during the shoot. Rate: Is negotiable for all positions. Any TFP would be welcome, but not required. You must include your rate when contacting me. Model: As for the stats of the model, that will be determined based on the clothing. So for now it’s open to everyone. provide your stats + size for the outfits + tattoos. link to portfolio that has your current look or send a separate photo. also a natural look is required. MUA/hairstylist: ideally looking for a single person who can do both MUA & hair. but i’m open to the possibility of 2 separate people. Clothing Designer/Wardrobe Stylist: Looking for a set of outfits that follow an interesting theme. Currently, I’m thinking about doing evening dresses or spring/summer dresses & outfits. link to your outfits / designs Contact info: Please provide your email, hourly rate or fixed rate for the shoot, link to portfolio Send emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it You’ll also need to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on changes as we don’t use MI that often. you can also find more of our work on facebook. You can view our portfolio on: Also updates will be made directly to the google doc casting call, not MI. Those who have been chosen will be contacted through email. Please follow instructions as those who do not, maybe not be considered.

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A casting call comment on Fashion Spread
thanks for the input

Thanks for the input. sorry for the miscommunication, I didn't type the correct title as i had in the description and i clearly don't work for vogue magazine. i'm a new photographer & hoping to learn & achieve something similar was my purpose since the inspiration was from vogue magazine.

A casting call comment on Fashion Spread
The title of this casting is VERY misleading

It's not for a Vogue spread. It's not for Vogue at all. You claim "Vogue style", but nothing at all on the photography website is even in the same zip code as Vogue-level work.

This is not a good start.