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The Trojan's Horse
The Trojan's Horse
This Trojan horse was constructed from 39 tons of wood. The builders set up a lazer transit (since there was no turning this monster) to guide the horse about 1000 yards into the center of the Esplanade using ropes and approximately 1000 people. After the horse was pulled forward, archers shot flaming arrows into it to burn it to the ground. The horse has several rooms built in to it. You would enter from the left hind leg follow up the leg and across the belly (a few rooms there) then down the right leg and out.
The only metal in this horse was the axels. I shot this image with Miss Redd very early the morning they burnt it. Such is the nature of art at The Burning Man Festival, beautiful, complex and very temporary.
Black Rock City Nevada
Monday, 12 September 2011 08:24
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