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Thursday, 24 September 2009 19:05

Image Rules


These rules relate to image content uploaded to Model Insider in all aspects of the site. This includes, but is not limited to your online portfolio, contests or forum posts. These rules also apply to images linked for display, for example in the forum or castings, travel notices or directory listings, even if they are not hosted on Model Insider.

Image Rules

We have only a few rules for images. We've attempted to keep them as objective as possible, even though they represent our subjective decision on what we allow.

  1. Nothing illegal. This blanket rule covers all obscene material (as opposed to the legally-allowed indecent art) as well as anything that would be considered illegal such as underage pornography and other legally-prohibited material. We have a zero-tolerance policy on illegal material. It will be removed and the authorities notified.
  2. No sex or penetration. This rule is, in essence, our "no pornography" rule. Pornography is not allowed, but defining it is problematic, at best. As such, drawing the line at "no sex and no penetration" tends to cover 95% of the field. This includes not only clear sex acts, but also fingers, tongues, toys and pointed sticks. Oral sex is still sex and/or penetration as well.
  3. No reproductive or excretory substances. Again, an objective line for a subjective description. This means no "money shots" as well as no poo or pee play. If that's what you're into, hey, knock yourself out - we'd just prefer to keep that content off of our site.
  4. Nothing that we have to make a new rule about. This is the way that we let you know that we're not omniscient. Even though we have only three basic rules, above, we're quite sure that someone will, eventually, upload an image that makes us say, "Yeah, we need a rule for that." This rule means that when we make that rule, we will likely remove the photo in the process. Let's hope we rarely, if ever, have to invoke rule #4.

Front Page Rules

Our front page is the gateway to Model Insider, and we want it to be welcoming to a range of people. As such, we want to keep it 'safe' in terms of images that might be considered offensive or prevent people from accessing the site to see their own work in some circumstances. Accordingly, images are automatically set as not safe and you must choose to set them as safe. Please do not set your images as safe if they contain nudity or near nudity (including see-thru, some thong/g-string images, certain implied, and body paint), bondage, or heavy gore. These settings will only apply to the front page, there will be no restrictions on the use of the image elsewhere on the site, including in your avatar (although it must also be marked front page safe). This means your images will only be affected when they're first uploaded (new image roll) or if in use as your avatar. Appropriateness of an image for the front page is at the sole discretion of the Model Insider staff, and repeatedly marking images as 'safe' if they violate these guidelines may cause termination of your account.

Your Avatar

You may upload any image allowed under site rules as your avatar. Please note, however, that if it does not meet the site's "Front Page Safe" rules for images you should not mark it as such.  Avatars not marked "Front Page Safe" will still appear everywhere on the site except the front page, a "default" avatar will appear there instead.  We reserve the right to change any avatar's status to "Not Front Page Safe" if it is improperly marked as such.

Non-Model Images

While photographers and artists may upload non-model images to show the range of their work, the initial images added to your profile on creation must be of models.  Site-wide terms involving use of others' copyrighted images (including stock images) are in effect at all times.

Images of Minors

Minor members (those under 18) are blocked from uploading images in these categories:

  • Figure Nude
  • Glamour Nude
  • Bondage
  • Fetish
  • Erotic
  • Adult

No member, regardless of age or role, may post images of minors that fit these categories. These categories may be amended from time to time as necessary (if, for example, we add more categories that we feel are inappropriate for minors). Miscategorization of an image to avoid this rule may be grounds for account termination. Most "implied nude" images of minors are also unacceptable on this site, these will be handled on a case by case basis.

Last modified on Monday, 26 March 2012 21:11