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Excessive photoshopping

A M Johnson
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Top Excessive photoshopping

SLE Photography wrote:

Yeah, I saw that, I'm kinda glad to see some pushback over excessive & faked photoshop to sell products.

^^^ From another thread about the Taylor swift ad- ^^^

I've thought for a long time that my photoshop skills suck. OK, they really do.

BUT, that is just fine with me. I like real and natural.

I like that I can shoot a dozen or two frames and produce really nice prints with some cropping and saturation/contrast adjustments.

I like that I can clone or heal some pimples and do some basic portraity adjustments that result in my client having pictures she can market to a casino HR dept or agency.

I like that when I take a picture, it looks like what I saw when I pressed the shutter button.

I know that one can take a flower and make a field full of flowers and create art or an ad or whatever but from my perspective, in my corner of the world, I for the most part like real and natural.

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