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General discussion. If it doesn't belong elsewhere (especially the social forums), it goes here.

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Of course you would get all of the documentation and operational specs. And yes, within reason, I'd make myself available to your technical team. So no argument here. And my previous items remain the same. Next step, sir? Letter of INtent to Buy...
Apr/22/2014 18:47:17
Last post by: The Model Insider
This forum is for newbies to say hello. It is also the only forum in which a new user may post before being granted forum access. As such, this is where the spammers will be seen and removed.

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Welcome to the site. :) Newbie here!
Dec/24/2013 10:43:28
Last post by: PKM IMAGES
Discuss tips, techniques and all aspects of photography.

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Hi if you like to know as much about photography as you can, then this is for you. take a look at the link here and see if this may be for you. Hope to hear from you if it is. Thanks Charles A. Powell... Film Photography
Feb/26/2014 15:40:12
Last post by: C H Powell
MUAs, special effects artists, designers, hair stylists, bodypainters, this is your home to share tips & tricks and discuss your trade.

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Hey everyone. Just wanteD to know what brush would be best for blending in those harsh lines? What us the best brush...
Jan/17/2014 10:56:23
Last post by: nyasiasylvester
A place for retouchers & digital artists to discuss tips, techniques, software, etc.

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You can always search for tutorials that would help you. If you are using Photoshop here is a link with some you may want to check out! Or you can always look for a retoucher like me :=D... "Gaslight" Technique
Jan/31/2014 22:40:31
Last post by: REL Graphics and Photography
Request your peers to review your portfolio or an image here, or offer to review theirs.

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If you do not Feel the Image is a positive image for you. Represents your beauty , self , emotional being - then pull it from your portfolio. Aside from that comment. Technically the image itself has much room for improvement in all the area's... I'm not sure if I like...
Feb/27/2014 12:55:43
Last post by: eric swallick
This forum is for discussing events. If you have an event to announce, be sure to post it in the Events Directory to get it the maximum exposure. Be sure to link to your event in your post and mention the event's location in the title!

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There's an unique Phoenix location that I'm making available to photographers on Monday, April 28th, 2014, for 10 hours of shooting local models. There is another event in town the previous weekend, so some different models/backgrounds would be a... The Boojum Tree Shoot -...
Dec/28/2013 18:37:14
Last post by: Medusa Girls
This forum is for announcing, discussing and planning travel. There is a travel notice system, but this forum is also useful for open discussion more suited to a forum.

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[url=][img][/img][/url]Hey everyone! I will be coming through the areas of Philadelphia... Nude Model Amelia Simone
Apr/25/2013 16:28:28
Last post by: Amelia Simone
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A place where models, photographers and others can have a serious discussion about the industry, without interruption by silly, thoughtless or ignorant responses to their concerns. Your host is Emeritus.

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incorrect measurements is actually one of my biggest pet peeves. i dont know why, but i guess it just drives me up a wall when someone says their hips are 30" when its clear that they have larger hips than i do! *sigh* it makes me want to... @#&%*# Measurements!
Jul/06/2012 08:27:54
Last post by: Sammie Jo
Discuss tips, techniques and all aspects of Internet Modeling. Your host is Rachel Jay.

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[quote=Rick Gordon Photography] [quote=Sabrina Maree]That's such a broad question... I've been actively modeling for 5 years, was a hobbyist for a year before that. Modeling has been my entire income for about 2 years. I used to do... shelf life of an internet...
Jul/13/2013 21:03:11
Last post by: Visfoto
The truth about mainstream agencies. Your host is Emeritus.

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same place myspace would be Modeling schools
Jul/12/2012 08:08:10
Last post by: Sammie Jo
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Anything unrelated to other discussion areas or generally off-topic goes here.

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[IMG][/IMG] It's CATURDAY!!!!!!!!!...
Jan/24/2014 18:55:28
Last post by: Gryph
Politics, religion, and other Powderkegs. You need not play in here if you don't want to. But to keep the froth in its own tub, here's where you can chew on the perennial hot-button subjects.

80 Topics

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[img][/img] Note that Zimmerman is black, hispanic and jewish -- not 'white' --... Mass firings for uttering...
Jul/05/2013 17:03:35
Last post by: Visfoto
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Ask site-related and technical questions here.

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Same here, moved my studio to a new city, can't change it and no help or support available. Updating Location
Apr/02/2014 14:29:19
Last post by: BeRemarkable
Have a suggestion for the site? Let's talk about it!

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[quote=Cmr Images]I think this belongs in a different part of the forums, it's not much of a suggestion.[/quote] It's discussion about one, that's acceptable. The "Default Friend"...
Jul/03/2012 03:51:31
Last post by: SLE Photography

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