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General discussion. If it doesn't belong elsewhere (especially the social forums), it goes here.

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At this time it looks like I owe Rick an apology. The 6 of you that still follow this site may recall that Rick said the contests were gone & we would never see them again (or something kind of like that). I said that I was thought that there... Contests temporarily...
Nov/21/2014 05:38:38
Last post by: Stan Goldstein
This forum is for newbies to say hello. It is also the only forum in which a new user may post before being granted forum access. As such, this is where the spammers will be seen and removed.

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Welcome to the site. :) Newbie here!
Dec/24/2013 10:43:28
Last post by: PKM IMAGES
Discuss tips, techniques and all aspects of photography.

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That's a reasonably talented Photoshop artist. Kim couldn't (and wouldn't) walk around with that big of a backside (it has its own zip code) following her every move. Butt its not that good...
Nov/15/2014 05:53:05
Last post by: Essence of Imagery
MUAs, special effects artists, designers, hair stylists, bodypainters, this is your home to share tips & tricks and discuss your trade.

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Hey everyone. Just wanteD to know what brush would be best for blending in those harsh lines? What us the best brush...
Jan/17/2014 10:56:23
Last post by: nyasiasylvester
A place for retouchers & digital artists to discuss tips, techniques, software, etc.

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I use NIK Software suite. One of the plug-ins (Photoshop CS5) that I use is Silver Efex Pro 2, which has filters for all sorts of black and white techniques from ancient to modern. It has filters for tonality, it has filters that simulate grain,... "Gaslight" Technique
Jun/15/2014 00:50:08
Last post by: Essence of Imagery
Request your peers to review your portfolio or an image here, or offer to review theirs.

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I believe it shows your range and diversity, which makes you more of a safe bet to work with. Nude and non Nude mixed...
Yesterday 07:26:56
Last post by: Essence of Imagery
This forum is for discussing events. If you have an event to announce, be sure to post it in the Events Directory to get it the maximum exposure. Be sure to link to your event in your post and mention the event's location in the title!

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There's an unique Phoenix location that I'm making available to photographers on Monday, April 28th, 2014, for 10 hours of shooting local models. There is another event in town the previous weekend, so some different models/backgrounds would be a... The Boojum Tree Shoot -...
Dec/28/2013 18:37:14
Last post by: Medusa Girls
This forum is for announcing, discussing and planning travel. There is a travel notice system, but this forum is also useful for open discussion more suited to a forum.

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Hi, I'm centrally located near Nashville. The last two years I travelled by now live where folks travel through my area. As my full time work schedule allows, I'm willing to consider modeling/hosting. I've hosted once this month and am... Will consider hosting
Oct/26/2014 06:57:38
Last post by: Jen B
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A place where models, photographers and others can have a serious discussion about the industry, without interruption by silly, thoughtless or ignorant responses to their concerns. Your host is Emeritus.

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I might suggest doing a photo session with the model in which you have her measuring herself. Follow the printed instructions, make sure to have a proper cloth sewing measuring line, and get accurate measurements. I've done that once before, and... @#&%*# Measurements!
Jun/11/2014 02:38:51
Last post by: Essence of Imagery
Discuss tips, techniques and all aspects of Internet Modeling. Your host is Rachel Jay.

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I can manage that. [url=][img][/img][/url] Modeling
Nov/17/2014 03:49:13
Last post by: Essence of Imagery
The truth about mainstream agencies. Your host is Emeritus.

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same place myspace would be Modeling schools
Jul/12/2012 08:08:10
Last post by: Sammie Jo
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Anything unrelated to other discussion areas or generally off-topic goes here.

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Aloha from Kentucky. I just decided to make a random thread on the first thing that came to mind as I was entering the title and it is "Steamer showers" today. I lived in Alaska for 2.5 years until this summer and my apartment had a steamer... Random topic Nov 12th...
Nov/12/2014 20:05:04
Last post by: Jen B
Politics, religion, and other Powderkegs. You need not play in here if you don't want to. But to keep the froth in its own tub, here's where you can chew on the perennial hot-button subjects.

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It's a matter of the oligarchy who runs the country giving a "sacrifice" to the masses. How many murders happened in Oakland/Richmond/San Pablo and Berkeley in 2014? You don't know? Why is that? It's probably because the mainstream media is... Wouldn't it be nice if...
Jun/13/2014 00:37:48
Last post by: Essence of Imagery

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