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LaTonya Winters

LaTonya WintersLaTonya Winters got her start in the beauty business after graduating from fashion design school. After a few years, she grew bored with designing. She’d always been a huge cosmetics fan, and was good at applying them. As a hobby she’d approach friends and offer to make them look better, leading more and more people to approach her for makeovers. She realized she could make a living at it and decided to attend makeup school to become licensed while going back to college to study business and marketing. This launched her burgeoning career.

When LaTonya got started, there were no networking sites like Model Insider so she attended local networking parties. There she met photographers who got her interested in working shoots. From the very first, she was hooked. She loved the relaxed atmosphere, being creative, and the unbelievable feeling of making money while having so much fun. Many years later she still enjoys photo shoots and finds critiquing her work in still shots makes her a better makeup artists.

LaTonya’s career path has ranged from the depths of a low budget video shoot with a bevy of unprofessional models that proved to be a long night but helped her realize her own value (and thus that she didn’t have to accept any and every job that came her way) to the height of working on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2009. It was an inspiring story and felt like the fulfillment of her networking. She’s worked with many celebrities and political figures, even world leaders, and dreams of working a full day with President Obama. If he’s not available she’d make time for Beyonce or Lady GaGa. She considers her biggest accomplishment to be making a decent living and consistent work since becoming a full time freelancer several years ago. Her hard work has paid off by allowing her to survive and succeed in a tough industry.

Many pros at LaTonya’s level don’t find time or interest in sites like MI. She finds them valuable because she’s a people person and she enjoys networking and chatting with people in the industry. These qualities help her prosper offline as well. Her personality’s a large part of her success, she’s easy to work with and listens to and respects her fellow team members. In her own words:

“As wonderful as my job is, I have no problem reminding myself that it's just makeup. We make people feel and look great but we must stay grounded. This industry is very tough so we must remember we are servants and all are replaceable even the best of us. I remember my humble beginning and I hope to never forget.

New makeup artists need to realize it's a process and we all have to work our way to the top, one face at a time.”