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Kelli Kickham

Kelli KickhamKelli grew up in Tulsa, OK with very little money, but a very supportive family. She got in to gymnastics young and continued for 13 years, assign acting and six other sports in high school. She’s been modeling for about two years. It wasn’t something she planned, but people kept telling her to try it and despite her firm “no’s” they kept asking. Finally, she tried it to silence them and her first thought was “Hey, this’s actually pretty fun!”

Despite her newfound interest in modeling, Kelli stayed focused on school even though she was in a zero-money market. She did as much as she could locally, and traveled on every break, taking her schoolwork with her. Keeping her eye on her priorities paid off, as she’s just graduated with honors while simultaneously being offered a modeling contract with one LA agency and being scouted by another. She hopes that good news means a whole new world that’s bigger & better than anything she’s ever experienced, but if not she says “I have a plan B if things don't pan out. And a plan C in case Plan B goes out the window. And then Plan D, well, you don't wanna know about Plan D.”

Kelli got involved in online networking sites like MI because of the limited opportunities where she lived. She leveraged them very effectively to build a solid portfolio, educate herself, and make strong connections. While she’ll use them less now that she’s moving in to the agency realm (most of her online time was while doing homework or while film she was editing rendered) she plans to maintain a presence and help out newcomers.

Helping new models is a priority for Kelli, which’s why, in addition to her forum outreach, she took the time to assemble Common Misconceptions in the Modeling Industry for newcomers, based on research and discussions on various networking forums. She notes that there’re a lot of ridiculous statements, bad information, and sometimes outright lies circulating on the ‘net regarding modeling, leaving some people trusting everything and others afraid of everything. Using her own experience and the guidance of model mentors like Rachel Jay she learned to separate the chaff and wanted to help others do the same.

In Kelli’s own words: “Because starting off sucks. I mean, it's fun and exciting, but with the internet there's so much conflicting information and you don't know what to believe. SO, I figure, I can say, ‘This is me, these are my photos, and this is what I know from experience.’ I don't know everything about modeling, but what I do know I like to share to help others.” Kelli has, indeed, taken her hard won knowledge and experience and earned the opportunity most models strive for. She says “I'm really excited to finally find out what it's like to be a signed model. I've had a lot of fun doing things by myself, but I'm ready to try new things. Wish me luck. J”

We at Model Insider salute Kelli and her contributions to the community, and certainly wish her the best of luck with her modeling & life.