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John Kirschbaum

John Kirschbaum, congratulations on winning the Model Insider 2010 Halloween Pinup photo contest!

This year you won the Users' Choice! That means you've won a 1 week front page Member Spotlight feature in November, and a permanent accounts! To go with your success, we'd like to know a little more about you & how you've achieved this.

Please tell us how you got started in photography, and what brought you to it? Do you consider yourself a full time pro, semipro, hobbyist, amateur, or something else?

I have always enjoyed art and majored in ceramics in high school. For graduation I received my first 35mm camera. I started out taking shots of my art work, and also love taking landscape and wildlife pictures. Today I am doing high end wood working, along with custom cabinetry, which I consider to be another form of art. I always keep photography close to my heart, but I would consider myself to be a hobbyist.

Is pinup something you usually dabble in, or was this a departure for you? What inspired the image you won with?


I really had a good time doing the Halloween shot. I came up with a few ideas and decided to do the one with my wife Mary on the broom. It's not the kind of shot that I would usually do. I have lived in northern Utah now for the past 34 years. It's awesome because of the vast diversity in its landscape, that's why it has always been my favorite studio. Most of the time my shots will have some type of a landscape theme.

What kind of gear do you use?

Right now I am using a Canon 50D with a variety of lenses. I am considering to upgrade to another Canon but would also like do get into lighting equipment. There is always something you want to get.

How did you find Model Insider, and what do you like best about it?

I have known Curtis and Lisa Wood for 30 years but in the past 2 years we have become great friends. In that time they introduced us to Model Insider. We started going out with them and doing shoots together. Lisa has helped Mary become comfortable in front of the lens. Curtis has helped me behind the lens and also with editing. It's great to have someone like Curt and Lisa for support and help when it comes to wanting to take photography to the next level.

What're your usual & favorite (not necessarily the same thing, as we all know!) genres?

Mary is my favorite subject to shoot which is great because she is always available for me.

Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us, and congrats again on your win!