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Jim Sorfleet

Model Insider Spotlight - SnS Photo - MI 416

How did you get started in photography? What brought you to it?
I have had a passion for photography since the age of 16. I am mostly self-taught and for years concentrated mostly on still life's and landscapes, except for family portraits. My background, however, is in food science and I was a production manager for a major food manufacturer for years. When that position ended I decided to take a chance and open my own photography business. I worked for a portrait mill and shot second camera for a local wedding photographer for a bit before taking off completely on my own.

Do you consider yourself: Pro, Semi Pro, Hobbyist, Amateur, Something Else?
I consider myself a professional in manner and hopefully always a student in life.

How did you find Model Insider and what do you like best about it?
I was told about MI by a photographer friend of mine who is on this site. In addition to the people I have met here, I would say that the contests and absence of a lot of the drama that is prevalent on other sites are my favorite things about Model Insider.

What gear do you use?
I use a Nikon D2x primarily along with Nikon speedlights, Fotodiox studio strobes, reflectors and even hardware store work lights.

What is your usual genre? Favorite genre?
My usual Genre is alternative photography and nudes or boudoir images and I have to say they are my favorites as well.

How do you find models to work with?
I belong to several modeling sites and social networking sites so I pretty much find models using them. However mostly they find me lately, which is a good thing I think. :)

Where do you see yourself going in the next year, artistically and business wise?
Hopefully I will have grown as an artist and that my business will have grown as well. Making some real money doing what I love would be fantastic.

Do you shoot both in studio and on location and do you have a preference?
Yes, I shoot both and each have their advantages. I kind of prefer studio as I have ready access to more props and lights. Plus... my coffee pot is there :)

Do you have your own studio? If not, do you find this a limitation?
Yes I do have a studio in my home.

Do you travel?
Whenever I can.