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Extreme Body Art

Extreme Body Art

Model Insider Spotlight - Extreme Body Art - MI 665

How did you get started as a Body Painter? What brought you to it?
Quite honestly, it was my wife. I had seen a few body paint stuff and though "Hey, I could do that". And well.. it was all down hill after that. Did my first body paint quite literally on January 1st 2009. And have been painting ever since.

Do you consider yourself: Pro, Semi Pro, Hobbyist, Amateur, Something Else?
Hmm.. I would call myself a Hobbyist that gets paid sometimes.

How did you find Model Insider and what do you like best about it?
I found model insider pretty much close to the beginning, it was introduced to me by a model around our area. Although it's been a while since I have used it, I enjoy the Chat Room a lot and the contests. They way they are set up is far superior to those of other modeling sites.

Please tell us about your paint and other product preferences?
Well, Not much to tell. You can get a lot of the type paint at and Ben Nye is one of my favorite type of make-up to use.

Do you have "usual" concepts? Favorite concepts?
The usual concepts people like from me are, Paint clothes on this model, make this model look like a big cat of sorts, etc. As for my favorite concepts are the ones that really let me work out abstract creativity. Rainbow colors, Patches of various shapes, etc.

How do you find models to work with?
Sometimes through networking sites, sometimes through other models I have worked with in the past will refer a model to me. Most of the time it's via Casting Calls of sorts.

Do you do your own photography? If not, how do you find photographers to work with?
I didn't used to do my own photography, I do now. Though before I used my own "photography skills". I would many times beg my wife to take my photos for me. So I'm a body painter first, photographer second. So I guess you could say that photographers find me if they want something done.

Do you do also provide other services, such as make up? If not, do you work with a preferred stylist, artist or other provider?
I'm working on my make-up skills, but the only other service I would provide would be photography. I don't really have a preferred make up artist as I have only worked with a very few.

Where do you see yourself going in the next year, artistically and business wise?
Quite honestly I haven't really thought about it, Artistically, I am always striving to improve and find better techniques, business wise, I don't really try and get paid for what I do, but I don't turn down money unless it's a concept I'm really not interested in. So I suspect from a year from now I will be at the same point I am now... business speaking.

Do you travel?
Yes, I would travel more if I had the time, but people are always welcome to contact me and fly me out to where ever for a paint. I do need notice though, I cannot just drop everything and fly out somewhere the next day.

Anything else you'd like to tell the Model Insiders about yourself?
In most relationships it is usually the husband going to the wife saying "I'm going to work with nude models. That wasn't the case in my relationship with my wife, SHE came to me and said "I'm going to be working with nude models"

This isn't what got me into the photography business, because I still wasn't interested even if 'naked chicks' were coming over to be shot.

It wasn't until I could create my own art and actually work hand and hand with a concept that I actually started enjoying photography.

Any suggestions you can offer about working with you, or the painting process?
The painting process is not a 10 minute job and call it good. It takes several hours and depending on the concept it can take up to 4 or 5 hours.
If you ever want to do a body paint, make sure you schedule your day accordingly.

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