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Chelsea Christian

Chelsea Christian

Model Insider Spotlight - Chelsea Christian - MI 5854
Photo Credit: Photographer: Rue99

How did you get started in modeling? What brought you to it?

A friend of mine is a makeup artist, and she was looking to update her portfolio. Her parents are professional photographers, so it was pretty easy for her to set it all up. She came up with the plans to do a shoot related to vampires and other horror makeup. She sent out a Facebook event invitation to her friends and asked people that were interested in being a part of it to let her know. I got the invite and let her know that I wanted to be a part of the shoot. (I had wanted to be a model when I was younger, about 13, and got a call back audition thing at a casting, but never really did anything about it, so I forgot about it.) I did a few different shoots with her and her parents and other friends of ours that wanted to be involved with it, and I realized I really loved being a model.

I decided to focus on school, so I didn’t really pursue it. A few months later, a few of my friends contacted me and said they’d seen the pictures from that shoot, and that they had assignments for their photography classes that needed models, and wondered if I would work with them on it. After those few shoots with my friends I realized that I really had a passion for the industry, and wanted to pursue it more seriously. I basically threw myself into becoming a successful model, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Do you consider yourself: Pro, Semi Pro, Hobbyist, Amateur, Something Else?
I consider myself a professional model. This is my full-time job and I make my living off of it, and that's what, in my mind, makes someone a professional.

How did you find Model Insider and what do you like best about it?
I honestly can't remember how I found Model Insider. I think I followed a link to it from someone's page and joined. I really like the contest and forum setup, as well as the layout of profiles and portfolios.

What is your usual genre? Favorite genre?
My usual genre is artistic nude and glamour/lingerie. I don't know if I have a favorite genre, but I love doing shoots that have a full concept that drives what kinds of images you're trying to create. Being part of a team of people that combine their specialties together to bring life to an idea is one of the best parts of this job.

How do you find photographers to work with?
Usually photographers find me. I have booked work through different modeling portfolio sites (like MI), as well as DeviantArt, Flickr, and through referrals from other photographers. Whenever someone contacts me that is far from where I live I add them to a list that I keep and contact them when I'm in their area.

Do you do your own styling and makeup? Do you work with a preferred MUA?
90% of the time I do my own styling and makeup. I don't have a preferred MUA, but I love working with talented makeup artists and hair stylists. I'm not either, so I can only do so much to my face and hair, so I always like working with someone that really knows what they're doing with it. I feel like working with MUAs and hair stylist can bring images to a new level.

Where do you see yourself going in the next year, artistically and business wise?
In the next year I plan to continue doing what I'm doing now. I'll still be balancing being a full-time model with being a student, but it's worked out really well so far. However, in the next 2 years I do have plans to move out to California and continue modeling from there.

Do you shoot both in studio and on location and do you have a preference?
I shoot in studios and on location. I feel like I shoot an equal amount in both, but I seem to do them in spurts. Like for a month straight it will all be in studio, and then it will all be outside. It's odd how that works out. I don't have a preference until it gets to be the summer or winter. My body doesn't handle extreme temperatures very well, so while I can endure a shoot outside in the extreme heat or cold, I end up paying for it later.

Do you travel?
I do travel. Whenever I have a break in my classes I try to travel as much as I can. Last Spring I went around pretty much the entire state of Georgia and went down to Miami. And this past summer I spent 6 weeks touring California and was in Atlanta as well. I'd like to do a lot more travelling though, and would like to make it to New York City and Philadelphia next.

Anything else you'd like to tell the Model Insiders about yourself?
In addition to modeling, I've also been a percussionist for 11years and am working on raising awareness for Fibromyalgia, an illness which I also suffer from. So far I've been on the cover of the Fibromyalgia And Chronic Pain Life magazine which also featured an article about me as well. I feel like more awareness will lead to more research, which will lead to better ways to handle the sometimes debilitating symptoms. As much as I love, and have a passion for, modeling it does get in the way and prevents me from working as much as I'd like. I just like to urge people to be aware of the illness and to help their friends or loved ones if they know someone who also suffers from it.

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