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Bob 'Robert' Randall

Bob Genius. Provocateur. Auteur. Technical master. That bastardly old curmudgeon who needs to shut the hell up. All of these things, and more, have been said about Bob “Robert” Randall. Bob is an internationally renowned, award winning photographer specializing in commercial advertising photography. His studio is in Chicago. He works with ad agencies, design firms, corporations and magazines. He SAYS has been making masterful images since two months ago. Prior to that, everything is suspect!

No one really knows where Bob came from, aside from dark mutterings & lies spread by a small, but dedicated, group of jealous detractors about an accident with radioactive Dektol. What IS known is that at age 10 he was perusing the contents of his father’s sock drawer and discovered an Agfa 35mm range finder camera. Thus was born his lifelong passion for photography. As he’s grown with the medium, he finds himself more aware of possibilities and more passionate than ever about the images he creates. He states “I can't imagine my life without a camera.”

Bob feels the key to his success as a portrait photographer (if you happen to actually believe he’s successful), is the time he spent working as a retoucher for fine art photographers. Between 1997 and 2001, he perfected a process on a Kodak LVT film recorder that allowed him to produce 8X10 Black & White film negatives that were true in tonal range to the original negatives supplied by his clients. Clients included Irving Penn, Herb Ritts, Jock Sturges, Patrick Demarchelier, Ruven Afandor, Victor Skrebneski, Denis Manarchy, George Tice, among others. He says he learned more about photography in his first markup session with Victor Skrebneski, than he’d learned in the 25 years prior to that meeting. It was at this point in his career that he realized the mantra “Get it right in camera”, while a quaint idea, is a landmine intended for knuckleheads.

From the start of his career, Bob worked with creative people at ad agencies, design firms, corporations and publications in the production of award winning work. Recent awards include nine NAMA regional first place and merit awards, for Bayer, and a BMA national award of excellence at the 34th annual Pro-Comm Awards, for OfficeMax.

His formal sobriquet arose from those collaborations. “Robert Randall” was the brain child of a creative director that he works with. He is the guy responsible for both the snappy orange logo Bob uses, and the design of Bob’s web site. He felt that in using the formal name “Robert”, Bob would appear to be a bit more sophisticated, and thus more appealing and desirable to the creative community. Bob thinks it just made it easier for him to make the logo, but he is a talented guy, so Bob went with the name change. Bob says “it has been fun to field phone calls from people who are unsure of what to call me, and it certainly is a great ice breaker when I explain I’m no where near as formal as my name might indicate.”

Bob’s client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the corporate world. A partial list of the luminaries who’ve sought his talents include ABN AMRO, Allstate, American Dairy Association, Audit Bureau Of Circulation, Aurora Health Care, Bayer AG, Bronson Health Care Systems, Burger King, Business Week, Cabo Wabo, Christianity Today, Citi Bank, Coors, Cummins, Culligan, Discover Card, Donlen, Eli Lilly And Company, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Excelon, FS, Geisinger Health System, Greenville Health Systems, Howrey LLC, McDonalds, Midwest Banc Holding, Miller Brewing, Motorolla, NICOR, Nufarm, OfficeMax, Peoples Gas, Pfizer, Rochester Memorial Hospital, Reyerson, Sandvik, Sears, Shure Corp, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Sparrow Health Care System, State Farm, The AMA, The Magazine Group, The PTA, The Tribune Company, UCLA Medical Center, University Of Virginia Hospital, WM Barr, and Wakemed Hospital.

Unlike some “real world” working pros who disdain the internet realm, Bob joined the online model/photographer/retoucher community at the recommendation of talent agents from Elite/Stewart Talent in an effort to find talent of an alternative nature. It has been an amazingly successful for him. Bob states “I have met and worked with a number of talented and wonderful people that have given their heart and soul to my projects. I want to create a large body of fine art images that will allow me to seek gallery representation for my work. I'm interested in developing professional working relationships with models and actors who will collaborate with me on fine art projects.”

Bob came to MI in search of an open place where a critical exchange of ideas, including justified criticism and a healthy dose of humor, were welcome. He’s generously contributed his vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill… along with his cutting wit and occasionally caustic commentary where warranted… in numerous venues, and we feel privileged that he’s decided to make our forums his home Whether the topic is proper marketing techniques, advanced retouching, lighting portraits, the failings of the political system, or “What the hell is wrong with you????,” Bob is right there to set people straight. Love him or hate him, Bob is, indeed, a “National treasure” and we proudly feature him in our Model Insider Member Spotlight.

This bio has been primarily assembled (some might say blatantly plagiarized) from Bob’s own words. You can find more about him on the web at these links:!/profile.php?id=586831650