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Angele Fonce

Model Insider Spotlight - Angele Fonce - MI 1439

Photo Credit: photographer Charlie Gast

How did you get started in modeling? What brought you to it?
I had an interest in modeling since I was about 12. It was dismissed when I was younger, but after I turned 18 a friend of mine told me about a modeling website and how I could try it out and see what I think of it. I contacted my first photographer and met with him to discuss shooting. My first shoot was actually nude which surprises most people.

I have been shooting ever since.

Do you consider yourself: Pro, Semi Pro, Hobbyist, Amateur, Something Else?
In work ethic, how I manage my modeling and that I do this full time I consider myself a pro. As for makeup I consider myself a hobbyist because I do it part time and mainly for fun but still have the same work ethic as in my modeling.

How did you find Model Insider and what do you like best about it?
I found out about model insider through a friend's suggestion. I like the design, how the site is run and how there is little censorship.

What is your usual genre? Favorite genre?
I typically do art nudes, fetish and glamor. My favorite genre is tied between fetish and nudes.

How do you find photographers to work with?
I find them via different modeling sites, facebook, craigslist and word of mouth.

Do you do your own styling and makeup? Do you work with a preferred MUA?
Yes I do my own styling and makeup. I don't have a preferred mua.

Where do you see yourself going in the next year, artistically and business wise?
I plan to branch out more into fetish work and alternative fashion. I plan to make 2011 a year of traveling. I plan to further my skills and work with many more talented people.

Do you shoot both in studio and on location and do you have a preference?
I shoot in studio and location. Its hard to claim a preference for every location and studio is different.

Do you travel?
Yes, I do travel. Where I travel to all depends on if there is enough work in that area to cover my expenses or if someone does a trade for plane ticket shoot with me. I plan to travel even more this upcoming year.

Anything else you'd like to tell Model Insiders about yourself?
Modeling is something I live and breathe everyday. I consider myself hard working and I always stay on top of communications. I originally thought this would be just a hobby but I am so grateful I can do this for a job. I love doing makeup as well for it allows another avenue for creativity. Ive met some wonderful people and have had some wonderful experiences and I really hope this trend continues. Besides Model Insider, you can find me at