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Thursday, 24 September 2009 18:18

Welcome to the world of internet modeling! Your profile is your introduction and resume, so it's important that it be detailed and complete.

Here are a few things a lot of newbies leave out that are really helpful to have:

  • What are your REAL stats? You are not 100 years old or 10 pounds, and your height isn't measured in your heels. Put in real and accurate stats. Some models will put in their age as 100 years because they don't want to show up in searches. If this is you, ask yourself why you're signing up at a profile site in the first place. If you are not here to be seen and network maybe this is not the place for you & you’d prefer something like MySpace or Facebook which allows restricted profiles.

  • What is your schedule? What are your abilities?
  • Are you willing/able to travel? If so, how far?

  • What are your modeling goals?

  • What types and genres of modeling are you interested in pursuing?

  • Do you have any piercings or body modifications? If so, what and where are they, and can they be removed or covered? If you have tattoos, are you comfortable with the photographer asking that they be covered? Would you reject the suggestion that they be removed in post production?

  • What is your current hair color and style? If you show more than one hair color in your portfolio we need to know which you have now, as well as how it's cut. Consider including an image marked as "latest" to show your current look.

Some things to leave out:
  • Info about your boyfriend/girlfirend/spouse/husband/children/family. It's not relevant and looks very unprofessional.

  • What you're doing in school/for your career, unless it is directly tied in with your modeling. Noting you're in school or have a job as it relates to your schedule is a good idea but that's all you need to say, especially if you're studying in a field completely unrelated to your modeling.

  • Non-modeling related accomplishments. If you've done gymnastics or dance it's relevant because it affects posing. If you won the county bake-off it doesn't belong in your profile.

  • Your non-modeling goals. If you want to be president, that's great. It isn't relevant here.

  • Your drive and ambition. Yes, everyone wants to be the next big thing, and we're sure you've got what it takes to get to the top and nobody's going to stop you. There's no need to stroke your own ego in your profile.

  • Your political or religious affiliations. Yes, they’re an important part of who you are, but they’re not important to your ability to model. Moreover, listing them may cost you jobs.

  • "I AM NOT HERE TO DATE!!!" or any variation thereof. The pros here won't ask; ignore the people who do.

Some things not to do:

  • Don't have a profile full of "no's." Having limits is good, but making your profile all about a listing of them is not.

  • This is not MySpace. Don't load your profile up with tons of blinky photos and images. If an image is in your portfolio it should not be in your profile. Four pictures is about the max you should have in your profile area, and they should be small images. They should be there with a purpose - for example, the "here is my current hair style" suggestion, above. More than four images or a lot of large images will make your profile to hard to read.

  • Length! If your profile is as long as this list it's too long! Short and to the point is better.

  • Watch your wording, especially on the topics of nudity and escorts:

  • People will ask you to pose nude. It doesn't matter how old you are or how big you put the letters, they will ask. It is also insulting to people that pose nude or shoot nudes to add in lines like, "I have morals," "I have class," "That's only for my boyfriend," "I have respect for myself," and so on. If you don’t want to pose nude simply say "I will not pose nude" and leave it at that. That said, all major portfolio sites have a field to indicate if you shoot nudes. Use that feature to indicate if you will or won’t, and don't feel the need to shout, "I don't shoot nudes, so don't ask!" Professionals will respect that, and non-professionals will ask anyway, even if you demand that they don't. When people ask anyway politely decline if they're polite, or ignore them if they're rude.

  • Glamour and Nude shooting is the major driver of the Internet market - that's just a fact. Don't lie about nudity. If you're saying "no nudity" but you do it as a "screening process" and you actually do shoot nudes, it will make you look dishonest and get you more grief. Simply put "I am selective about nudes" and leave it at that. If you used to do nudes and still display them people will assume you're lying about notdoing them. Try "I am no longer doing nudes but have left my past work up because I am proud of it" and follow the polite response/ignore formula with those who ask anyway.

  • Escorts: some photographers allow them, some don't. Making a big issue about them if you want one, like the nudes thing, only makes you look like a problem. If you will not work without an escort put in the simple one liner, "I only work with an escort." Nothing else, no justifications, no reasons. If an escort is negotiable (for instance if you don't require one for a studio shoot with an MUA) put in, "I may ask for an escort to be present." That's it.

    Whether or not you use escorts, be sure to do your due diligence and check out these screening tips:

    Due Diligence
    Safety in Internet Modeling

  • Be honest about escorts. If you want one work with photographers who allow it. Don't use them as a "screening process" by asking for them in your profile to see if photographers are "ok" with them. That not only won't help you stay safe or assure you're working with pros, it will also make you look dishonest. Don't "forget" to mention them and then show up with one.

  • Do not put your e-mail/AIM/Yahoo/phone on your profile! Putting them in your profile will open you up to a whole world of scammers, fakes, phonies, and stalkers. Scam offers coming in over regular email cannot be acted-upon by site moderation, either, giving the scammers a free pass to continue to contact you.

Overal, remember the KISS rule: keep it simple, stupid, and make sure the important info is in there and leave out the rest. You may also benefit from reading Rachel Jay's blog entry on profile writing.