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Sunday, 19 February 2012 00:54

Zen Allure How-To Guide

Welcome to ZenAllure! You’re only a few easy steps away from your own branded web page. Just so we’re clear this’s a service from Model Insider and takes advantage of MI’s tools to make this work. That means you need a Model Insider account to make your free website. We’re not asking you for money… we offer more features to supporters, but our free account still has more features than any other networking site. If you like us enough to give us money we won’t object though, and you’ll get all sorts of extras! Your support helps us bring you things like this.

So if you’re already an MI member click HERE to get started building your ZenAllure - but DO read the rest of the page, there’s important info (and sneak peeks at upcoming features) you need to know!

If you’re not part of the hottest Model/Photographer network yet, click HERE to set up your Model Insider profile (a fast & easy process with no wait for approval) and then come back. We’ll wait!

All right, you’re ready to go. Just follow these steps!

#1: Pick a template.
Simply click once on your choice. As noted, we only have a single design as we launch but we’ll be adding more soon. You’ll be able to change templates at any time without losing anything else on your page. Some templates will be “Premium” designs with extra features like a “slideshow” main image. These will be available to paid members but you’ll have the option to purchase them separately.

#2: Set a short URL.
For instance you can be or Keep this name short, and do not use any spaces or punctuation.

We have more than one domain name (zenallure and zedzen for now, more coming later) because they’re necessary for features we’re going to launch in the future (sneak preview: you’re going to be able to create more than one page, with different names on them so if, for instance, you want one nude webpage and one non-nude webpage you can have them!). For now you can choose either one.
We’re also going to add the ability for you to use your own URL, like, soon. You’ll be able to change URLs at any time without losing the rest of your page.

If the name you pick is available you’ll see this, and then you’re ready to move on to step 3:


#3: Pick your galleries.
Decide which of your MI galleries you want to show. If you haven’t set galleries you’ll just see your default gallery. Click a gallery once to highlight it, and you’re done. You can also create a gallery JUST for your ZenAllure images. Any images you add to a gallery on MI will automatically be added to your webpage unless you make them “Members Only” or “Private.” If you delete an image from your MI gallery it automatically vanishes from your ZenAllure gallery too. Any images that you have set to “Members Only” or “Private” won’t show (see image below), and Private/Members only galleries won’t be available to select.

(This is what you’ll see if you don’t have galleries set up and are using your default gallery)

#4: Set the basic information for your page.
First thing’s first, select your web page’s name, which’s also the headline at the top of your page. Default choice is the same as the display name on your profile. So if your MI name is portzebie75 or xXDiVaPrInCeSsXx you might want to change it to “Bob’s Photography” or “Marie the Model.” Any time you change your display name it will automatically update your ZenAllure page. Remember, the name is a HUGE part of what Google & other search engines will index, so think carefully about it! If you pick “Other” you can choose a different name that will appear on your ZenAllure page, this will NOT change if you change your MI name.

Your location and default email (the one you used to register your MI account) are pulled from the information in your MI profile. They’ll automatically update if you change them on MI. Your City/State/Country/Zip are displayed automatically, you can disable that by unchecking the box. If you want to show your street address (for instance if you work out of a studio) or email check those boxes.
REMEMBER – If you don’t display your email people will NOT have a way to contact you! We’re working on adding a contact form, but for now your email is the only way people can reach you. If you have a “work” email that’s different than your registration email you can enter it instead.

Then put in a short title for your About Me section like “Who I Am” or “Welcome.” Finally, put in whatever you’d like people to know about you.
PLEASE NOTE: You can’t use any html tags, bbcode, or other formatting tricks in “About Me,” it’s plain text. We’re going to offer additional options here in the future.

Your ZenAllure page will automatically include some other information from your MI profile. If you have links to (for instance) your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or other sites in your MI “Site Links” section they’ll automatically display on your ZenAllure “Links” page.

If you’re a model the following stats will automatically display next to your “About Me”:
Females- Height/Weight/Bust/Waist/Hips/Dress Size/Shoe Size/Hair Color/Eye Color
Males- Height/Weight/Neck/Sleeve/Chest/Waist/Inseam/Shoe Size/Hair Color/Eye Color
So make sure your stats are accurate! We’re already working on designs that’ll put your stats on their own page if you want that option.

You’re almost done!

#5: Select a main image for your page.
For now you’ll need to upload one, we’re working on the ability to pick any image in your portfolio and use it. You can use any image that’s within MI’s image rules, including nudes. This is YOUR page, you decide what shows.

Once you select an image it’ll automatically be resized, and then if you like you can customize it. This’s great if, for instance, you have an all nude portfolio but don’t want to show any nudity on your main page. You can “crop” the picture to adjust the display. Move the slider to zoom, and click & drag the image to move it inside the frame.

#6: Save your page.
Take a last look back to make sure everything’s perfect and exactly how you want it. Don’t worry, once the page is created you can go back & edit your information or change your galleries any time from your MI profile page. You can also delete the whole page any time. Is everything perfect? Then just hit the button in the lower right hand corner of the page:

And if everything’s right you’ll be taken back to the top of the page where you’ll see this message:

You’re done! Show the world YOUR ZenAllure!