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Tracking Daily Contest Entries

If you enter the daily contests then at some point you have probably posted an entry that you have previously posted with the last two weeks.  That violates the competitions' rules and the contest administators (including me) will delete it and most likely send you a PM to explain.  It's happened (I believe) to just about everbody, including me.  When it did, I then looked for a way to prevent me from repeating the mistake and more embarassment.  It works for me so I offer it to anyone else who thinks it might help.

I keep a separate folder on a local hard drive titled Contest Entries.  As I edit images and determine that I would like to enter them, I store a copy in this folder.  Within the folder, I then create sub-folders, each with the date of the contest and I then move the images selected for that day to that folder.  When the appropriate time passes (two weeks) and I can re-enter those images, I move them back up under Contest Entries and then I delete that day's folder.  So far it has worked quite well and it is pretty easy to maintain.

Since contest rules also prohibit re-entering a winning entry, I also have a sub-folder labeled "Winners" to contain those and prevent me from re-using them.

Looks kinda like this:

§  Contest Entries

·         10-30-09

¨       Img1.jpg

¨       Img2.jpg

·         10-31-09

¨       Img3.jpg

¨       Img4.jpg

·         11-01-09

¨       Img5.jpg

¨       Img6.jpg

·         Winners

¨       Img1w.jpg

¨       Img2w.jpg

¨       Etc.

·         Etc.

§  Img7.jpg

§  Img8.jpg

§  Img9.jpg


§  More images ready for entry

It takes a little more work, I know, but it's pretty foolproof if you stick to the plan. :)

Of course, your mileage may vary.