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The week for lingerie models

I'm really liking this Examiner writing gig.  First, on Monday, I attended the Las Vegas International Lingerie trade show, wandering around the venue with a notebook, camera and business cards, and two of the models at the show allowed as how they need some pictures, and could I help?  Well . . . OK, if you insist.  You can see some of them in the slide show on my article at http://www.examiner.com/modeling-in-las-vegas/las-vegas-international-lingerie-show

That's not all.  On Monday night there was a lingerie fashion show, and I had a press pass.  Life is looking good.  Lots of pictures on my article on the show at http://www.examiner.com/modeling-in-las-vegas/fashion-show-at-the-las-vegas-international-lingerie-show

But wait!  That's not all!  (No, this isn't about Ginsu knives . . .).  One of the models in the show, who happens to be Australia's Lingerie Model of the Year Casey NewPort  wanted to do a TFP with me before she goes back to Australia, so I have that shoot set up for this afternoon.

I'm not making a lot of money at this job, but I really don't much care.  :)