Songs, SEO, and surprises

I get questions every so often about my image titles. For my photos of models (as opposed to most of my nature images, landscapes, etc) in the art & fetish genres (and sometimes horror, too) I often use song titles or bits of lyrics from songs. I also use pieces of poems, lines from plays, or random things I think of , but pieces of songs probably make up 75%+.

When I created this piece
(click for full size, 18+)
I titled it Grey Tones Can't Be Trusted, from a lyric in the Elton John song "Red."

Yesterday I googled the phrase, in quotes, "Grey Tones Can't Be Trusted" and got this:

Imagine my surprise that MY photo here on MI (I have it displayed elsewhere, too) was ranked #1, above all the Elton John hits! I thought "Well, maybe it was because that's a pretty specific phrase and I used quotes" so I tried it again without:

Yeah, that brought a wider range of responses, but my image here on MI IS STILL at the top! I have no idea how or why that image has jumped to the top of the list that way, but I think it's kind of cool. I'm definitely going to have to look in to the ranks for some of my other song-named images, I'd LOVE to know how/why they affect SEO (search engine optimization). Speaking as someone who doesn't know jack about this, and so might be totally off base, it seems like MI's certainly getting Google notice, anyway.

Regardless, it's a cool bit of publicity for me, Amaris (, and Renee (