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Nigerian Scam email from today

It had to happen, and will again, of course.  Some Nigerian Scammer built a fake profile using a real agency in Texas, and then started out sending emails that intended to scam people.   Several of us got one and left tags on the profile and reported them to MI management, and in short order they were gone.

I know those who recognized what it was weren't fooled by it, but not everyone is that sophisticated about these things.  So, since I was a "victim" myself, I decided to write about it for a general audience.  First I quoted the original email, and then, for the sake of journalism, responded to it and quoted their reply.  It was as expected.

I've written up the affair on my Examiner site at http://www.examiner.com/modeling-in-las-vegas/nigerian-scam-modeling

But more than that, I deconstructed how they work, and provided an analysis for readers of how to spot these things before responding and giving up personal information.  That follow-up article is at 

http://www.examiner.com/modeling-in-las-vegas/analysis-of-a-modeling-scam-email which also refers folks back to the scam articles on this site.