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New Contest Rules - All Contestants Please Read!

After quite a bit of discussion among the Contest Administrators with input from site members and a review by the Site Administrators, we have published today an edited set of rules for the Picture of the Day (POTD) and Picture of the Day 18+ (POTD 18+) contests.  These are effective immediately and will be applied to all entries from this time forward.  They can be accessed by a link on the Contests page now titled POTD rules and thru this link.

To highlight two substantial changes that have been made:

"3- An image that is entered cannot be resubmitted for 15 days even after an alteration to that image, I.E. a different crop, a change from color to B&W etc."

Currently, an image can be submitted within the 15 day period that is essentially the same except for a minor change, for example, adding a border, photoshopping in a graphic, converting to black and white.  Such entries will now be deleted.

"6- All POTD entries must have a model in the image."

In the past, we have allowed entries that were landscapes or photos of objects with no humans in the image.  Since this is not a general photography site but a model-focused site, we decided it must be a requirement of an entry in a contest to contain a human element as part of the image; in other words, a human model must be in the image.

This simply highlights two significant changes.  Please read through the entire document and ask questions of the contest administrators if you require more guidance.

The contest administrators are:

Site Administrator SLE Photography (James)

me (John)

Super Laura the Super Perv

PKM Images  (Kim)

Curtis Wood

gpmcguire (Glenn)

Thanks for playing and voting!! Continued good luck to you all!