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NAB Show Las Vegas!

Today begins the NAB show here in Las Vegas!
National Association of Broadcasters.

This is the most likely the biggest or second biggest show each year in Las Vegas. As always I am attending and working the show. The  NAB show is mostly aimed at TV, Film and Radio. The big names in video cameras (Canon Sony etc) do however also show their still camera equipment as well. Adobe will be premiering (A wierd dual reference here) their new CS5 suite which has broadly been anticipated. Many new and interesting technologies are shown at the show and it is not uncommon to see future technologies displayed and demonstrated.

I have worked in the video editing biz almost as long as it has existed.  I will be working as a demo artist here inside the show and attending invitation only events all over the city. Am I excited? Absolutely!

Some of the site members have decided to get together down here for some fun and perhaps some shooting. Some of us will be putting names with faces for the very first time.

Among those that will be attending this week are Kim (PKMImages),Rose (Whitewing) Steve (Extreme Body Art), Lisa (Miss Redd) me and some other photographers and models from another site that rhymes with Toddler Play-pen. *Insert Rim Shots Here*  

As the comic at the Best Western said, "I am here all week, remember to tip your waitress!".
PM me if you are in Vegas this week and we may try to host a dinner or something for those interested. I am thinking this would be sometime either Friday or Saturday night.

(ooooh, I feel like a roving reporter)