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Mr Nate’s Wild Ride

A little background on Nate…

Nate is the 2nd of Lisa’s and my 4 sons.

He was born 3 months premature and we were told by the doctors this would affect him in all kinds of ways ranging from Asthma to not wanting to be touched (they judged this from the fact that he spent so much time in the incubator and history I guess). Not many of the predictions that the doctors made actually manifest them in Nate. About the only thing I notice is he is a bit smaller than his brothers, but what he lacks in height, he makes up in huge feet.

The real story begins here…

My son Nate started planning his trip to Europe 6 months ago. It was to be super 14 days of touring and playing music in venues all over Europe.  Another buddy in the band was going and had several relatives there that would assist in finding places to stay as well as play their music.

Nate sold his car, his Rhodes piano and several guitars to put himself over the top for the trip. His preparation was meticulous. A new guitar and camera, cheaper versions  that would not matter so much if they got stolen, were purchased. A European phone was rented and loaded with minutes.  Nothing could or would go wrong…..

Upon arriving in the UK Nate discovered that his buddy had not had time to contact the relatives and they were going “wing it”. Well this may have been ok but…

They neglected to check on a few things like….
 Easter Weekend is pretty big in the UK as well as Spring Break. The hotels were all filled along with the hostels. Their next option for sleeping (besides the tiny little clown car they rented) was a nice hotel that ran $300 US a night. They blew their entire budget for sleeping the first 4 nights. Fortunately, once the weekend was over some other options opened up. Good thing they paid down the credit cards before they left.

Things went well from there on out and the vacation was a little bumpy, but they felt it was a success. Time to go home…

The Iceland Volcano erupts in force the day they are scheduled  to leave in and the EU along with the UK grounds every flight.  They decide to sit in the airport for a spell and wait it out (at least the sleeping cost is lower). Finally all those with travel visas are asked to leave as the grounding is for an undetermined time. Once again Nate and his pal find themselves on the streets penniless and without a return flight date.

(more background)
Several years ago Lisa planned an awesome vacation for the entire family to Cancun. My parents, and one sister (and her family) accompanied us. The day we landed, Cancun was bracing for the eminent arrival of hurricane Wilma. Without going into hours of detail, we were stranded by the airlines and left to fend for ourselves. Fortunately Hilton Properties took care of us and placed the entire guests and staff in a government approved shelter (a concrete school). Our family was placed with a group of 12 gorgeous (did I mention they were pretty) flight attendants from the UK along with 2 male attendants.  Long story short we survived the horrible experience together as a group and formed bonds that are still shared today (both the air attendants and the Hilton folks). We have kept in touch and share events online.

(back to Nate’s tale)
Nate should have been back a week ago Thursday. Thankfully one of the Flight Attendants that we were stranded with in Hurricane Wilma took pity on the two Yanks and put them up in her tiny flat in London. 

Their credit cards were maxed out, their money gone.  

Nate arrived back late last night in one piece and none to worse for the wear.  He is about $3000 minus on his cards but I can hardly wait to hear the adventure.

I am sure he and his pal had the time of their lives!


Peace Life and Love.