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Marking The One Year Anniversary

As some of you may know, Lisa’s little brother passed quietly exactly a year ago, last September 13th , from a 2 year battle with cancer. The battle really was not between him and the disease as cancer had decidedly won from the moment it was diagnosed.  He knew it, and was really just trying to make the most of the time he had left for his wife and young family.

At 43, Deloy, Lisa’s little brother was one of the strongest, healthiest people I have known. I still remember the day 3 years ago I told me he had issues and had been seeing a doctor for months to try and correct some digestion issues he was having. The doctor never did the tests. Most probably because of Deloy’s age bracket and outward viewable physique. Truly a pitty.  The cancer was so aggressive, had the test been done, who knows, instead of stage four, perhaps stage 1 or 2? He never outwardly complained about his lot, just tried to be the best husband father with the time that God had left him with.  

I take the time to reflect on anniversaries of events both good and bad. As I have aged I have discovered I have absolutely no ability to control these reflections. Some I would just as soon not relive, others are pleasant. This particular reflection came on me as Lisa talked about the close brother she loved and missed. I grew up with both Lisa and her brother as Lisa was 16 and I 18 when we married. Deloy was 12 at the time and I cannot remember a  time when he was not my little brother too.  He was the brother I called whenever I needed a hand with something big or small. He was the uncle I asked to come and stay with our kids. He was the guy always pulling off the perfect practical joke usually aimed at me.

His wife and kids are doing great. A new house purchased with some of the insurance money, the old house had too many memories to be comfortable any longer. His wife has turned her attention to her successful dance business. She misses him tremendously but there are the children to concern her with now. The daughters are doing well in school and are popular with their peers.  The youngest son is on the basketball team ( playing in the shadow of his father who still holds many state records). The oldest son having turned 18 6 months ago and decided as per his father’s wishes, would  concentrate 2 years of his life on a religious self supported mission. He lives in Chile for the next several years and I am sure making his father proud.

We visited his grave for the first time in a year , last Sunday.                                       

Strange indeed it was to see the name on that stone and the date.

Damn we miss him.

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