Or, Why Model Insider loves its international members!

With the rollout of the new casting calls, travel notices and directory system, we bring another aspect of Model Insider into the global realm and add geolocation to all of those systems. What does this mean? Simply put, Model Insider is the first truly global networking site in our industry.

We don't rely on ZIP codes or postal codes, making the site US-centric or Canada-centric. We don't have a huge database of cities that is not only missing many important areas but also suffers from inaccuracies and an inability to pinpoint your location if you live someplace not in the database. And we don't require you to jump through hoops to find your location or the location of others.

As described in a previous blog post, we've chosen to simply rely on the expertise and experience of Google, who have solved this problem with Google Maps. Every user has their location geocoded (that's geek-speak for "you tell us where you are") on a map. Every casting call, every travel notice, every studio listing ... all have their locations on a map. When you go to use any system at Model Insider, you can bring up a map and find what you're looking for.

Zoom in. Zoom out. Pan around. Filter your results to eliminate things you're not interested in. Expand your results to find those things you want. The capabilities are pretty-much limitless.

And while we've not been able to anticipate everything our membership wants to do, we have the ability to add new features and functionality as you request them. So use the new systems and get us feedback on what you think. We have developers just sitting around, bored, waiting to implement your ideas!

Okay, that "sitting around bored" part isn't true.