Carefully Rolling Out New Code

We just rolled out the new directory system. This is a very short blog entry just to let everyone know that it's public and that we're running it through its paces. You could call it a public beta, but it's already been tested for functionality, so that wouldn't be quite right. What we're doing now is making it available and watching how people use it and asking our membership to give us feedback on what they like, what they don't like, and how we can refine the system and make it better. It's coded in such a way that rapid changes can be made at any time and with no downtime.

This new system runs our casting calls and travel notice system, complete with map-based geolocation, proximity searching and radius notification. It also supports our directory system which includes classified ads, a studio directory, services directory and events directory.

We can add information to any of those directories, as well as add new directories at any time, so we're serious when we say we want to hear from you. We've tried to anticipate as many needs as we could, but there's no way that we got this 100% right - but with usage and feedback, we can and will!

There will be a much more detailed blog entry later, outlining the features of the new directory system and answering your questions.