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OK, this is a first . . .

I was shooting the International Lingerie Trade show yesterday, and after taking 3/4 length pictures of two of the booth models, one of them complained: "Why did you get down on one knee to shoot us? That makes us look huge and ugly."

And they (the other girl concurred) insisted that I stand upright, all 6'1" of me, and shoot down on them. They were at the end of the day, not wearing their heels, and couldn't have been more than 5'6" tall, either of them. But shoot down I must, if they were to be happy. I think they would have been happier if I had stood on a chair.

It runs counter to everything I know (and have observed) about model photography, counter to what I always do if I have the chance. But they would not hear of any other point of view. I have to wonder what their history has been with photographers, not only to have that opinion, but to have it so insistently. Somebody has been filling their pretty little heads with some strange notions . . . .

Jess Robinson and Internet Modeling

I don't often write about Internet modeling - it's not my primary area of expertise.  But I don't often get a visit from Jessica Robinson, either.  And in this visit she was kind enough to sit down for a lengthy interview.

I've published the articles on the Examiner at:

with an assist from Pat Yuen, who took the slide show pictures in the second article.  He's been lucky enough to work with her . . . if you haven't, you need to fix that.  Jess has a profile here at

The articles will be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about how the traveling Internet modeling world works, or more just about Jess.  Of special interest are her views on a topic often discussed on the forum:  model safety, and how she deals with it.


The week for lingerie models

I'm really liking this Examiner writing gig.  First, on Monday, I attended the Las Vegas International Lingerie trade show, wandering around the venue with a notebook, camera and business cards, and two of the models at the show allowed as how they need some pictures, and could I help?  Well . . . OK, if you insist.  You can see some of them in the slide show on my article at

That's not all.  On Monday night there was a lingerie fashion show, and I had a press pass.  Life is looking good.  Lots of pictures on my article on the show at

But wait!  That's not all!  (No, this isn't about Ginsu knives . . .).  One of the models in the show, who happens to be Australia's Lingerie Model of the Year Casey NewPort  wanted to do a TFP with me before she goes back to Australia, so I have that shoot set up for this afternoon.

I'm not making a lot of money at this job, but I really don't much care.  :)

Carolyn Wright's comments on my articles

For several years I have been a fan of Carolyn Wright of and, like many others here, have recommended both her blog and her book (which I own).  However, today I have a special reason for that recommendation.

Carolyn has just published favorable comments and a link to my articles about photographing models on federal land.  Hooray!

Nigerian Scam email from today

It had to happen, and will again, of course.  Some Nigerian Scammer built a fake profile using a real agency in Texas, and then started out sending emails that intended to scam people.   Several of us got one and left tags on the profile and reported them to MI management, and in short order they were gone.

I know those who recognized what it was weren't fooled by it, but not everyone is that sophisticated about these things.  So, since I was a "victim" myself, I decided to write about it for a general audience.  First I quoted the original email, and then, for the sake of journalism, responded to it and quoted their reply.  It was as expected.

I've written up the affair on my Examiner site at

But more than that, I deconstructed how they work, and provided an analysis for readers of how to spot these things before responding and giving up personal information.  That follow-up article is at which also refers folks back to the scam articles on this site. 

Cosplay models in Las Vegas

I spent the day today feeling very old, surrounded by thousands of people four decades (and more) younger than I am.   But it was fun.

I was attending the Anime convention here in Las Vegas, where 3,000 people, mostly early twenties, give or take, showed up to pursue their interest in the art form.  Of those, nearly 3/4 were here for Cosplay - "Costume Play", and the place was full of visual treats.

I've published an article about it at with lots of pictures.  And, what the hell, I'm going back for the Masquerade Ball tonight :)


Update:  I did go back, took lots more pictures, and published two more articles on the experience.  Those of you not familiar with Cosplay modeling might find them interesting: and

Between them, the latter two articles contain about 30 pictures.

How to spot a worthless Internet Agency

Fighting scams (and near scams that are pretty much worthless) has been an avocation of mine for quite a while.  I've written several articles on them on and here on the forums, but I've found another outlet for them that may attract people who don't frequent the modeling sites.

Today a local agency sent me a link to an "Internet agency", and it seemed like a good idea to write an essay for the general public on how to spot bad agencies.  The first article in the series  sets out the problem and how to spot problems.  With luck it will cause people to think, rather than just react.

The second article, takes the actual "agency" website I was sent and deconstructs it using the principles outlined in the first.

You might enjoy working through the process with me. :)