Actual fox vs. naked "fox," who wins?

It's a truism that a photo of a naked woman posted to a website will get more attention than a photo of a non-naked woman, or of a something other than a woman entirely. While there's certainly a basis for this and many would just say "Duh!" it's simply not always true.

Case in point, around 9 AM this morning I posted 2 images to my DeviantArt. The first was a photo of a Maned Wolf, a South American canid that's basically a giant fox:

(click to view full-size, SFW, no membership required)

The second was an art nude of Laura Unbound:

(NSFW, linked to the image in my MI portfolio, as the DA page requires membership. See it on DeviantArt HERE.)

I submitted both to a number of groups, and SOME of the disparity is because the wolf shot has been accepted to a few more groups so far. However a LOT more people look at the Nudes category.

So in around 9 hours, the wolf shot has:
Comments: 16 (includes my replies)
Favourites: 70 [who?]
Views: 475 (475 today)

The nude of Laura has:
Comments: 3 (no replies from me yet)
Favourites: 22 [who?]
Views: 274 (274 today)

I don't know what'll happen in the long run, especially after more groups accept Laura's photo, but for now fox>"fox," flying in the face of "conventional wisdom" about "naked girls trump all."