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Doctor E Images
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Jan 18 2009
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About Me
"It probably bears mentioning that I've admired Dr. E's work for quite a while now. I love his spartan, singular approach to the fetish image...The way he focuses on the intricate details, forcing the viewer to "fill in the blanks" about what we're looking at. I love his attention to facial detail in his images, especially the eyes. What I love most is the apparent disdain he has for any sort of fame or acclaim. He does his own thing, on his own terms, for as long or as short a period as he wishes, wasting no time in the personality sweepstakes that so many of the rest of us seem to get caught up in -- Dr. E just does his thing, and that blows my mind."
- Melvin Moten, Jr (m erocrush) MM#2081

"Ok, so you are an attractive, talented, fun guy to shoot with - and you took me out drinking!?.... ha, what more could a model ask for?"
- London Andrews MM#36768

(If London said that about you, you'd want the world to know it, too....)


SCHEDULING NOTE: I'm on my usual post-FetCon sabbatical from shooting.


My work? I shoot artistic/glamour nudes.

Yes, it is a bit of a short and to the point sentence, but that's the focus of my portfolio. I do seem to be able to capture interesting headshots and portraits as a byproduct of these shoots - which I believe is a direct result of stripping away the barriers of intricate makeup, wardrobe and elaborate settings. While I enjoy all three aspects of photography and modeling in other people's work, it's simply not interesting to me at this time.

I do occasionally shoot in other styles and will consider suggestions/requests for fashion, fetish or other styles you might think I could help you with. These requests will be considered on an individual basis.

The particular details regarding shooting with me are as follows:

1. I shoot EXCLUSIVELY on a TFP/CD basis. I respectfully ask that you refrain from giving me your "rate sheet" - I will be happy to counter with my own.

2. My "real life" schedule does not allow me to shoot or edit as often or leisurely as I'd like, so I will likely schedule one or two shoots per month (maximum) and my editing process may take some time. And by "some time", I mean a really long time.

3. You should expect to receive between 6 to 12 finished images which you will be free to use for any non-commercial use you would like.

4. An escort is always welcome at any shoot. Encouraged, even.

5. I shoot out of my home studio. If this is a problem for you, I just saved you some time.

6. Plan on having a good time.

I hope you like the work that is displayed & that I'll hear from you soon.

Credits and Publications
Shoots scheduled/planned with:
On Hiatus. But it doesn't hurt to ask.


ModelMayhem Models worked with:

[** indicates multiple shoots]

Reebound MM#566398
Susi MM#271
Nyssa Nevers MM#1613
Engel Schrei MM#326608
Kelly O'Connor MM#153126
Solstice Rain MM#477454
Maya Sinstress MM#51504
Miss Alison MM#259612
Samantha Aviles MM#561963
London Andrews MM#36768
o2**** MM#10859
Julie Coffey ***** MM#11903
Sienna Aldridge MM#171128
Leda Locke ** MM #109553
Raelyn Mouse MM#114261
Cole ******** MM#17160
72Lisa ** MM#104565
Pixel MM#1153
JJ Plush MM#102993
Erica Rooks MM#314494
Lanka MM#360984
Mixsa MM#362431
Jeanie Knox** MM#313583
Fayth *** MM#21347
Savage Nigh MM#1475
Candygoddess MM#13208
Bella Bradford MM#20585
Jennavieve MM#16802
Witch Hunter Robin MM#25604
Daphne Adair MM#20280
deidre MM#26875
CassandraAlexis MM#20328

Please feel free to contact any of the above for references.
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