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Model Insider #1934


29 years
5' 4 "163 cm
105 lb47 kg
34" A86 cm A
27"69 cm
36"91 cm
Dress Size:
Shoe Size:
Hair Length:
Hair Color:
Light Brown
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Requires Escort:
Facial Piercings:
Pubic Area:
Fully Shaved
Female Model
Zip Code
United States
Moderate Experience
Profile views
Jul 02 2009
Last Online
44 days ago
Paid Only
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Figure Nude
Glamour Nude
Alt Fashion
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About Me

Home - (517)515-5419
Cell - (989)802-3588


Light of Some Kind Copyright David Birdsong Photography

Please read my entire profile before messaging me.

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Tiffany, and I have been modeling since mid December of 2006. Modeling quickly became my biggest passion in life. For the first three years I built my portfolio, working sometimes twelve to fourteen hours straight on TF to build a career out of this from the ground up. From the start I have had no problem pushing myself to the limits or coming up with varying concepts for shoots.

Photographers have often commented that I am definitely different than anyone they've ever worked with, and a blast to be around. I can't count the number of times I've heard "I've never met anyone like you in my life, and I mean that in the best of ways," both in my personal and professional life. I am energetic, creative, driven, professional, and reliable.

My shooting style varies widely, and I have no problem pushing myself to the limits or coming up with varying concepts for shoots. I am the model that will push the limits within reason, that will scale building walls without a net in high heels and lingerie in broad daylight in the middle of a city park, or lay on frozen rivers outdoors in 7 degree weather in the buff, or insert myself into bars and pose on pianos in public while the band is playing (with permission of course), to get a great shot. I do my best work outside of the studio, but work just as well in structure as outside of it.

At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this. I saw it as a hobby but didn't yet have a plan for where it was going. After five years experience though, I would love to launch this as a full time career. Currently I am working on several small plans of action that will hopefully help this dream blossom into the full fledged monster I would like it to be. So without further ado, please see below for my specifics. :P

I am currently working on building my own web site. Please be patient as it will take some time for it to get finished. I will put a notice up when it is launched. In the mean time you can either email me here or at

Selling Rights
I plan to put a print store on the web site when it gets launched. Some of my photographers have agreed to allow me to sell prints through this print store, with a contract giving them a commission of profits. Just to be clear, the print store is entirely to sell PRINTS, not the picture itself for any use. I will not be selling prints I do not have permission to sell. Also, if you would like, and if you are selling prints of photos taken of me, I will put a buy button under the picture in my web site gallery which, when clicked on, takes the buyer directly to the location where they can buy the print online where you are selling it, or a page that gives your information for them to contact you to buy the print. An example would be the print selling of me on fineartamerica. The way I see it, the more exposure the pictures have, the more prints will sell, as well as the exposure of seeing you credited and if a client is interested, I will forward your information to them if they would like to hire you for a project.

I do understand that when a model signs a release she is signing over copyright to the photographer. I do expect to have written in contract that the pictures will not be used for pornographic or adult entertainment purposes. I am not a smut model. Also, I have had a few photographers agree to shared copyright. If you are willing to do this please let me know. Again, more exposure equals more income.

I do have a few side projects that require the photos taken to not have copyright already. The web site that these photos are used for auto copyrights all images upon upload. The images are used for contests. This is a separate case, and if you'd like to work on this or I contact you to work on this with me please note that I am still aware that in all other shoots apart from this project copyright is still retained by the photographer, and I agree NOT to use any photos not taken under the side project conditions for this project.

Paid Work Preferred
Working for free is an Oxymoron.

For the most part I prefer to not do TF shoots. I can not, when this is my only source of income, pay out money to shoot with you without getting anything out of it and going in the hole.

$50/hr= Clothed
$75/hr= Nude

If we are shooting some nude some clothed, the clothed rate applies for the time spent shooting clothed, the nude rate applies for the time spent shooting nudes. So if in the same shoot we spend 2 hours shooting clothed 1 and a half shooting nude, the rate would be 2*50 + 1.5*75 = 212.50. I do round my rates down. So for this shoot it would be 200.00. A flat rate is set for prolonged shoots. My time on the clock does not include travel time. I don't expect you to pay me for my time to get to you.

I am available for travel as long as my scheudle permits depending on my financial situation. If expenses are paid, I'm all for it.

I prefer to shoot with escort unless I have worked with you before. My husband escorts me to shoots and he does not interfere in them. He has been known to be helpful to them. Please understand that this is the web, and I don't know you any more than you know me. Though I don't allow the horror stories to slow me down, I don't want to become one, either. This is non negotiable for me. If an escort is NOT an interference on a shoot, I do not see the problem with me having someone I know present if your motives are truly well intended, unless you have something to hide. Hopefully we can all work together to make shoots productive for all involved.

[B]What I Expect Out of You and What You Can Expect From Me.[/B]

I expect photographers to act professionally at all times. I expect what is agreed upon to be delivered in a timely fashion. On all shoots I expect images back that are EDITED, RETOUCHED AND/OR PHOTOSHOPED As NEEDED, AKA REAL PRO PICS NOT KID WITH EXPENSIVE CAMERA PICS, OR permission to have them done. Raw images are not suitable for portfolio usage.

I expect releases to include all specifics of what is AGREED upon, and I expect BOTH of us to have completed, signed copies of all contracts and releases. All releases and contracts should include who owns copyright, what the pictured can and can not be used for, both the model and photographer's rights, compensation, both present and future, liability measures, reproduction and use release agreements, and free will and consent.

I promise to be reasonable, but if we are going to do business together, we will do so with equal respect for each other. I will not sign a release unless I am compensated in a fair and reasonable way and I agree with it in full. Specifics in this regard are negotiable.

Please understand that these stipulations are not meant to be offensive. However, I will not be taken advantage of and I would like things to remain respectful, fair, and professional.

[B]Just an idea on what info to email me:[/B]

When you plan on shooting (date and time)
Where you plan on shooting
If transportation is covered
Contract Information
Release information
If MUA and/or hair stylist will be there
What you want to get out of the shoot
Wardrobe information
If Travel/Stay is covered

Emerald Elegante Copyright Matthew Dolinar

Matrimonial Privlidges Copyright Simply Closed Up

Vanilla Creme Caramel Queen Copyright David Birdsong Photography

Legs Legs Legs Copyright Lumigraphics

Interests at the moment
Body Paint
Portrait/Make up
Couples shoots
Credits and Publications
Facebook: Tiffany Lofaro

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L.E.G.S. (Lansing Exposure Group Shoot) July 2009, 2011

Yazmine Jay Fashion Show November 7th 2010

Pics Being Sold


Light of Some Kind David Birdsong Photography selected for One Model Place Showcase Gallery.

Corporate Playtoy David Birdsong Photography selected for Model Insider Pic of the Day 3/31/2011

Upcoming Events

Other Stuff In The Roster

Web site,, is in its preliminary development

Print store going up some time this year hopefully

7 other portfolios in progress

Working on a print portfolio

Upgrading to VIP soon

Putting more into port as I get the pics into sets

Upcoming Shoots, In Progress

Zivity project


If I am not able to continue I want you to know I am grateful to have photographed you!

Best wishes!

Brian - Visual Edge
Brent Hampton, Saturday, 02 April 2011 13:48
Brent Hampton
I love the image that won 18+ today its simplistic and beautiful and flowing and your pose and expression are perfect for it so natural and comfortable. great work!
Curtis Wood, Saturday, 02 April 2011 11:45
Curtis Wood
Congratulations on your POD 18+ win today! -gorgeous image indeed
John Rayner, Saturday, 02 April 2011 00:59
John Rayner
Welcome to Model Insider!